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What is Home Care

Home Care services are non medical, personal care services. Sometimes as we, or our parents age we require additional care. This is usually a difficult time in our lives to identify for ourselves or for our loved ones.  There are many reasons for this. As an adult, watching our parents age, is not something we are prepared for. We are used to them being independent and it is hard to imagine a day when they need us in return. Not only is it hard for us to realize, but it is challenging to identify as well. How do we know if they need help? Is it dementia, or is it the natural aging process? You may have siblings that disagree with you making this process even more challenging. What if you live out of state? You may not know they need help until you get a call. The point is, there is no distinct or clear time or behavior that triggers the decision for home care until usually there has been an “incident”.  A fall or an illness of some sort usually begins this journey when the hospital then recommends that Mom or Dad are no longer home alone

Start The Conversation

Gather the family members around and begin the discussion that Mom or Dad may need additional help. It is important to include all family members so that no one feels left out from the beginning. It is not important to all agree at this time. It is essential at this time to identify who will be the person in charge physically and legally, in case the two are different. (POA and Healthcare POA)

We offer a comfortable conference area for families as a central place to meet to start the discussion.

Get A Formal Diagnosis

Start with you General Practitioner or a Geriatric Specialist. It is helpful to reassure your parent that you are going to alleviate your mind and make sure they are safe.  This is a difficult process.

It is very important for a correct diagnosis and therefore an appointment with a Gerontologist is suggested.  A Gerontologist specializes in elder care and will be able to properly diagnose. There are currently over 200 different forms of Dementia. To be clear, a person with Alzheimers has a diagnosis of dementia, but a person with dementia does not necessarily have a diagnosis of Alzheimers. Every type of Dementia has it’s differences:  different onset, possible different medications for treatment, different challenges and maybe even a different progression. It is extremely important to know exactly what type of dementia you are dealing with so you can create an appropriate plan for the natural progression of the disease.

Unfortunately less than 20% of Dementia patients are accurately diagnosed. In some cases people just assume it is dementia and they deal with the consequences. However, sometimes their can be other medical reasons for altered behavior.  It is like having a form of cancer and not knowing what type you have in order to treat it.  This is why it is so important to start with the diagnosis.

​Please feel free to contact our office for a referral to a Gerontologist:  708-361-7845

We offer public training classes to family members who are taking care of a parent with a form of dementia.  These classes will help you understand how the brain works.  it will teach you the unspoken language of dementia.  How to get through the activities of daily living, crafts and fun stuff.  Dealing with challenging behavior and end of life issues.   Check the web calendar for these classes.

Understand The Difference Between Home Health Services And Home Care

When clients call our office they are always shocked when we explain that Home Services are NOT covered by Medicare. Home Care, no matter who you use is all private pay – which means it comes out of your savings.  However, there are two exceptions:  if you had a long term care policy or you were a veteran. (certain conditions apply)

​Home Health is different than Home Care. Home Health is covered by Medicare and is prescribed as necessary by a doctor. Home Care is assisting a person at home for normal and daily activities including showering and running errands.  Home Care and Home Health can and should run concurrently for optimal coverage and safety.

Review Medical And Legal Paperwork

We suggest you take the time now to review all applicable medical insurance coverage, long term care contracts and review your legal documentation.  It may even be necessary to consult with an elder law attorney to make sure you have all the necessary paperwork in order to take care of your loved one.

Please call our office if you are looking for assistance in choosing an elder law attorney:  708-361-7845

How to Get Started Guide



I appreciate all the help when I broke my shoulder.  I would definitely recommend your services to others. I especially thank Eileen and Fred for their patience in scheduling my confusing appointment times for my rehab.



Marilyn T

I recently hired Aishling for my father with live in care as he was stage 4 cancer. I can not tell explain what excellent care my father received. I would like to give a special shout out of gratitude to Jason M. as he had gone above and beyond at comforting and caring for my dad til he passed away on Jasons shift. You have a gift when you employ anyone with Jasons heart.

Johnstone family

Aishling staff were patient, compassionate and respectful from intake to the last day of care. No matter what time day or night, we always new we would be provided the caregivers necessary.Customer

Haley Family

Our family was in the midst of a crisis when we contacted Aishling Companion Home Care.  We received personal care and service from Aishling that allowed us to ensure the peaceful and pain-free transition of our brother.  I truly felt that when Aishling came to our home, God had sent an angel.  The attention and support we received was above and beyond anything we could have hoped and prayed for – Aishling and her team will always be remembered by our family.
Thank you so much

The Callahan Family

Dear Aishling, Kathy, Sharon and staff,
As Thanksgiving draws near I wanted to take the opportunity to express my gratitude in writing for your incredible kindness to my mother Marian, and to our family. Mom never quite understood whey she “needed ” any help but she certainly was happy to have the company especially another “woman  to talk to” and of course, to to drink coffee with. Therefore you can imagine how happy we were that familiar faces, Bola, Marguerite, Nancy, were with her in the last week and our gratitude also extends to Jasmine who took her for her last walk around town and Evelyn, for our conversations about our neighborhood. So much appreciation for the home visits, steady updates, and endless patience with the myriad of phone calls.

Love to all your wonderful people.

The Betty Bush Family

I want to take the time to Thank You for the care that your group was able to provide for my sister over the last months.  I want to personally say thanks for your time, effort and consideration in helping Maggie deal with her cancer and her resulting physical limitations.  The caregivers you provided handled the difficult conditions with which they were confronted with patience and understanding.  They should all be commended.

Thanks again for all your help,

Thomas E Gibbs

My family has been very blessed to have had ACHC for our parents.  You worked with schedules that changed frequently and your office staff, Sharon, Shannon and Kathy were OUTSTANDING.  Marguerite, Kayleigh, Anna, Sabrina and Shannon were our favorites.  Thank You, Thank You!  We would gladly refer family and friends to Aishling.

Warmest Regards,

Teresa Krsich

Perhaps you sent a lovely card or sat quietly in a chair.
Perhaps you sent a funeral spray. If so, we saw it there.
Perhaps you spoke the kindest words as any friend could say.
Perhaps you were not there at all, just thought of us that day.
Whatever you did to console our hearts, we thank you so much whatever the part.


By the family of Marie Costello

On behalf of Robert (Bob) Craig and his entire family, I would like to express our gratitude for the excellent care Bob received from your caregivers.  They were all, to a person, professional in their hands-on-care.  They completed each task with patience, keeping him looking and feeling his best at all times.  With my varied work schedule, I would visit Bob at different times, morning and night.  He was always in the best possible state when I visited.  That was a huge source of comfort for the family.
More importantly, the individual caregivers seemed to express a loving feeling to Bob with all their tasks.  They talked about his family members, his favorite teams and shared their own positive attitudes on a daily basis. They put a special emphasis on any aspect of his care that the family made mention of.  The special music compilation and iPod custom-made by your company for Bob was a terrific relaxation tool.
Finally, the overall guidance provided by Aishling Companion Home Care has proved invaluable to us in this important time.
Thank you for your excellent service.


Dawne Craig

Mary was blessed to have such wonderful caregivers in her life.  We would like to extend our humble gratitude to the Aishling Companion Home Care caregivers – how blessed we were to have you.  No request was ever deemed too difficult.  The everyday gentleness of the caregivers and the enduring question – Can I get you anything? – showed their constant vigilance. The personal touches will always be remembered.


The Taylor Family

Aishling Companion Home Care has been a life saver for us. Our experience with your service has been nothing but good. Everyone has been very helpful, flexible, and has done everything we have asked as well as accommodated our every adjustment, change and at the same time, treating my mother’s needs as if she was their mother. We felt we were treated like we were the only clients. I can’t say thank you enough. Our caregiver has been wonderful. We can’t say enough about her. Not only did she take care of my mother, but she took the time to write us a letter every week with exactly what they did, what they ate, etc., which we all looked forward to reading. Thank You and we wish you all well.


You went beyond a business relationship and sent mom cards, flowers and checked on her through the phone calls. Thank you for the mass card. We felt the strength of prayer.


The Family of Clara Cuthbertson

April 2014
I hired Aishling to sit with my husband – a recovering alcoholic.  When I first talked to Aishling, he had just been discharged after a 10 day stay in the hospital.  His doctor wanted him in a nursing home, but that was just too expensive for me.  Aishling first sent me Gina who came for 20 hours per week.  My husband adored her.  She got him moving, eating, took him to his AA meetings.  He became rehabilitated enough that I was able to cut down to 12 hours per week.  He has now been in recovery for almost 2 months.  He has become an active part of our family again.  I owe Gina, Cathy and Jasiman a big thank you for all they did.  Besides their care, companionship and transportation to AA, they cleaned my house and made meals. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I did something different by hiring Aishling and I am so pleased with the results.

Thank You, L.B.

I had 3 caregivers who did an excellent job offering care in helping me clean my house and making my meals.  Your people were on time each day and very professional with my care.  I would recommend them for any level of personal care.
Being clean and on time were very important to me, as was the companionship each day and being on time to AA meetings each day. Thank you for the professional help.  The bottom line is – thank you for caring for me and my well being.