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Dementia CT (Training Classes for Caregiver & Family Members


What we know about dementia has changed over several decades. With knowledge comes better understanding of the key role that caregivers play in ensuring quality of life and dignity for the client. This training program was specifically designed to provide useful information that everyday caregivers and family members can implement daily when living with a loved one with dementia.​ This is an interactive, learning, conversational course like no other in the industry. Aishling Home Care offers a guarantee that every student will gain knowledge and value from this course. We also offer you the ability to return any time for a refresher course free of charge. The Program is divided into two Sessions (A & B) for a total of 3 hours each session. Classes can be purchased separately. If you purchase both A and B an Irish lunch will be served during the break! Each Course has been certified for CE credits and can be offered in many different configurations based on need. Please contact us to set up a specific training opportunity for public and commercial use.”

Session A


Understanding the Brain

In this session the student will learn the basic and specific functions of the brain. Students will learn about the many different types of dementia in addition to how these affect the various parts of the brain and daily function.

The Language of Dementia

This session will show you how to read the body language and nonverbal communication of those suffering with dementia . We will discuss triggers that provoke behavior changes.

Activities of Daily Living

The half day session ends with a hands on demonstration of assisting, overseeing and learning the necessary skills to accomplish activities of daily living (ADL’s). These tested and proven techniques are designed to:
Encourage independence
Meal time issues
Prevention of Weight loss /dehydration
Infection control and hygiene
Relaxation & the power of touch
Music therapy

Session B

Challenging Behavior’s

Here we will demonstrate how to deal with different types of behavior’s. We will also focus on many different scenarios and possible reasons that may cause behavior’s to change acutely.

Safety Measures

Safety is top priority for all concerned. In this class we will teach the necessary skills to be a master detective and anticipate what may be needed in the near future. We will explain how to read between the lines and implement necessary factors to prevent falls and accidents while still promoting independence.

End of Life Issues

We will discuss common problems and possible solutions to ensure that the families have the knowledge and education they need to make the appropriate choices for their loved one as the circle of life comes to an end. We will incorporate and demonstrate the importance of music, touch and the power of the senses.