Well, here we go a brand-new year! New beginnings, a chance to turn over a new leaf so to speak and start fresh … so what is your new year’s resolution? Did you know that on average new year’s resolutions are made and broken within the first week? Many fall off the wagon and do not get back on it! They just slip back into the old habits without giving it a try again. No one is perfect, not one single person in the entire world is perfect which means mistakes are made, and we can hopefully learn from them –  forgive ourselves, restart and reset.  

I can honestly say that many of us, myself included, have gained a few extra pounds during 2020 mainly because of the stay-at-home order, boredom, and much negativity in the media and around us. Many of us turned to food to feed our souls and make ourselves feel better.. I will not even mention the increase in alcohol sales during this pandemic….We all have had much time at home that we were not accustomed to, right? Much more time to think about things that normally we didn’t give time to pre COVID-19. But have any of us really focused on what has happened here? How many of us have really given focus on how COVID-19 has brought us all closer together, the family unit so to speak which is somewhere perhaps we never should have strayed from.

Here are my observations and take away from 2020. Nothing is guaranteed and life can change literally in a heartbeat! A solid home is the foundation for family and that’s where the basic building blocks for life are built. A place we should have pride in, a place where all are welcome.  Anyone can have a house ………. but how many of us have a real home? Since COVID-19 we have all been forced to revert to the home, even those who had previously flown the nest, now working, and living from the house without an outlet to the normal office setting. We have learned new ways to separate our business life from our personal life. We have learned to be more principled and set boundaries for work to take place within set hours from the home just as if we traveled to the office. We have seen how the family meals are so important and having all around the dinner table to talk about their day – our wins, our loses and our frustrations! We have witnessed how many family members can struggle with anxieties more than others, this pandemic we have seen how other family members just take things in their strides. We have learned to listen to others concerns for the future around the dinner table and mealtimes. We have learned to home school our children without having a degree in education because now we must be involved for the next generations to be educated from home.

The responsibly has now shifted from the teachers to the parents having to work together for the success of the child. We have been forced to learn technology, and new ways of keeping in touch with our loved ones when before we did not have to. We have learned to get into routines and now we know without them everything is chaos! We have learned to designate chores to the entire family so that everyone in the home space can be successful. We have learned that everyone needs to be responsible for their own space and work, right? We have learned to be more neighborly and to watch out for those that perhaps previous we just walked by in our state of busyness.  

I personally have noticed that everything still gets done just in a different way. I find that I have found new ways of doing things that I would never have dreamed of before. I recognize that never has community been more important than it is now.  I recognize that things I thought were important are not! Anything can happen if you take the time to plan it and that even virtual dinners can brings families together to bond. For me personally I have found that Family, faith, and community are what is important, and these are the things that will bring us all out of this pandemic. For 2021 let us focus on being more patient with ourselves, forgive ourselves for not being perfect. Let us look at all the great things we have learned in 2020 because of COVID-19 and lets all reset ourselves for 2021, focusing on the true meaning of life and being more appreciative of the things that truly matter, FAMILY, HOME, FRIENDS & COMMUNITY.

Pat  yourselves on the back you made it this far and be proud of yourself for all the ways you morphed into something you never thought possible in 2020. Now imagine what you can be in 2021! Anything is possibly believe in yourself! New beginnings, a chance to turn over a new leaf, start fresh … so what is your new year’s resolution?

Aishling Dalton Kelly, Aishling@aishlingcare.comAishlingCareAcademy.com