It is interesting when you are young you worry about nothing but yet when you turn 50 you worry about everything. I remember my Mothers words when I was younger

” Save your money for the rainy day, there will always be a rainy day “. It appears that the younger generation today have nothing but opportunity to spend money. Why? Everything is too easy, too accessible, access to Amazon, E bay, uber eats, to mention but a few seamless transactions from I Phones, and I pads from ANYWHERE?

I bring this to everyone’s attention because across  nearly 800 home care agencies here in Illinois  collectively our phones have been ringing off the hook since covid-19  hit and even more so now since the city begins to open up !!!!!!!”

 Typical questions from callers are “How much is Home care, what’s your hourly rate, what are your minimums ” verses last year’s questions asking “What is home care “? Such interesting questions when six months ago the public in general was not even aware of home care or any of the service lines we offer. Home care, moving forward will emerge and rise as a front runner for those that need it. Here is the Caveat though? Home care is private pay, unless you are a veteran or had the Moxy to plan in your forties whereby took out a long-term Insurance plan! Home care comes out of your back pocket! Start saving now! It is never too early to start saving for the future!!No one can predict the future. I think Covid -19 has thought us all to be prepared moving forward!