In most recent weeks, we as a nation and the world have been thrown into the uncertainty of COVid 19 pandemic. As we all navigate together and learn together, and grow together, I cannot help but think that the effects of this disaster will be seen for the next year for sure. Here is what I do know: Strength comes from the inside. Inside of ourselves, and inside of our communities. You can do this- we can do this. United. Back to the basics for everyone, home is most definitely where the heart is, and has always been the pulse and heartbeat where every family begins.

I am a big community person, as too were my parents before me. I know that strong communities are the necessary foundations for better towns, cities, states, and countries. I personally would like to highlight some of the heroes in my community this past month. And as you read this article, I bet each and every one of you could name heroes in your communities. Firstly, I’d like to thank Dr. Curt RingHoffer whose own dentistry business was one of the first to be shut down due to Covid 19. I asked him if he could spare some masks and gloves to which he donated enough for round one for all of my caregivers to wear in the home. Doctor Lisa Gumina, my wonderful travelling audiologist, who volunteered her service to me in using her avenues to obtain additional boxes of gloves for round two for our caregivers to stay safe in the home. To my own family, who have sewed for hours on end to do their part in providing much needed masks for caregivers, clients, nurses, doctors, social workers, and first responders. To my neighbor, Pat McLaughlin who alongside us, has been making masks to donate and dispersed throughout the community. To my office and field staff, who continue to pour their hearts out in serving the families we provide care for. Every day is a new day, pivoting, changing, and putting new protocols in place. To my caregivers, for the work that they are doing in the community. To my fellow home care association members. To all the business that I do business with on a daily basis who have graciously extended discounts for phones, internet, rent, advertising, and many more other services in efforts to keep us all afloat. And most especially to Cliff Carlson for his wisdom and understanding and conscious perspective of what this pandemic has inflicted on businesses. This article is only a sample of the commitment and passion in my circle of community. I also will speak for some of the other Home Care Association of America agencies, when I say thank you to everyone for working so hard in all of our communities. United we will stand and together we will cope as we try to move forward here in Illinois. Good foundations and good communities are where the true heartbeat of America begins, and I am so grateful for my community and all those who make it what it is. To all of you out there who have not received recognition, and who have helped in and around your communities in any shape or form – thank you. Your work does not go unappreciated. I am so  very appreciative of my community and the heroes it holds. Who are the heroes of your own community? Perhaps it is time to reach out to them and extend a branch of gratitude for all they are doing.